5 Ways Cannabis Brings Community Together

When people get together to smoke, their senses to one another open up, which allows for deep connections. Have you ever smoked with a pal and everything was funny? When our senses open up, we are more receptive to others and open to meaningful conversations. Marijuana is the bridge that fills the gap for people to experience a life they are enriched in and excited about. This bridge helps people with anxiety disorders get out of their shell and experience the world.

"Bud." the word itself is a friend.

1. Cannabis expands awareness of ourselves, others, and the world we live in. This plant medicine allows people to flow freely in their natural state by enhancing creativity and bliss. When our spirits are lifted, our senses open more fully to allow a full experience of life. Free people are imaginative, forgiving, elated, happy, funny, and more comfortable in their own bodies. Feeling comfortable in your own skin is how we begin to forgive and heal. Cannabis opens our ability to listen and experience emotion, which dissolves harsh structures we may have put in place. These amazing medicinal properties are the exact reason. ...(example / couples therapy)

2. The gap between making new friends and having social anxiety is bridged by bud. Smoking certain strains promote intimacy and a bonding experience. The social benefits of cannabis cannot be ignored.People with anxiety smoke to feel peaceful. High people connect on a deeper level because of expanded consciousness. Not only does cannabis lead to better conversations, but a deep connection that does not need words.

3. A blunt passed around breaks language barriers. The most polite way to greet someone is by passing them something to smoke. Sharing cannabis medicine is a great way to make new friends and break the ice at new places. Not sure what to say next? Ask your buddies about the strangest place they smoked at. The common interest of cannabis can spark conversations and lead to lasting friendships.

4.Kefi Kanna’s shop owner is impressed by the way his homegrown goods bring together all different types of people. His shop is filled with folks of all ages, cultural background, disabilities, political views, ect. They all merge into one when people get high together. Cannabis can help us see things from someone else’s perspective and break the barriers to our own harsh and limiting views. Next time you find yourself in a disagreement, smoke a little.

5. Cannabis is the cornerstone of community. Sharing a toke makes the world go round. If you want to make friends and exchange life experiences, stop by your local smoke shop. Next time your friends share a smoke, maybe you can share some snacks and bond over life stories. Kefi is a profound passion for living life with an abundance of joy in all circumstances. All our friends at the shop are dedicated to the mission of uplifting the community with our natural god given medicine.